Dena Rutter Design

Graphic Designer Dena Rutter

I deliver top-notch graphic design services to causes I can get behind. I create clean website designs, packaging, and branding design for organizations like Asheville Community Theatre, Eliada Home, and Noble Cider.



I deliver top-notch graphic design to causes I can get behind.

By combining simplicity, collaborative dialogue, transparency, and consistent follow-through, I drive a design process that works. Bringing creativity and resourcefulness to the table, I will ensure your organization's vision is realized and the experience of getting there feels good.

The philosophy that drives my design style and aesthetic centers around creating strong visual order, effective typography, and the idea that less is more. Whether it’s a website or an annual report, I love taking a complex story, and visually telling it in a way that is straightforward and approachable.

Since moving to Asheville in 2009, I’ve enjoyed working with local clients like Asheville Community Theatre, Green Opportunities and Eliada Home. Nothing makes me happier than putting my graphic design energy towards a mission that has lasting social and environmental impact in my community.

Prior to landing in the mountains I studied Visual Communication Design at the Ohio State University and in Berlin, followed by a stint living overseas in South East China where I was a package designer.

In addition to running my graphic design studio, I am a mother, gardener, hiker, and water aerobics enthusiast.